Smile Makeover Imaging

Smile Makeover Imaging


In the past failures of cosmetic cases were frequently due to inadequately meeting the patient's expectations.  By utilizing new technology such as smile makeover imaging greatly increases our patients satisfaction.  We are pleased to offer this technology in both our Arizona, Arizona, locations to help patients make a fully-informed decision about their oral care.  For patients who are considering cosmetic treatments, our dentists can utilize SNAP® Cosmetic Simulation Software, a smile makeover imaging system, to show you how your smile will look after your procedure. By taking a picture of your smile, perhaps during a cosmetic consultation, results can be seen in a matter of minutes. This printed photo of your new smile can be shared with co-decision makers, such as a parent or spouse.  We want you to be as confident and excited about your new smile as we are!  By communicating about treatments beforehand, smile makeover imaging can also enable our dentists to refine your care. Ultimately, our goal at Burns Dentistry is to consistently meet your goals and expectations.  We are pleased to offer patients this unique, advanced imaging while transforming their smile into one that is self-assuring.  We look forward to seeing you at our practice for dental care that will renew your smile and happiness.

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