Dental Support: Oral Cancer Screenings

Are you aware of what to look for when searching for oral and throat cancer symptoms? To help lower your risk of oral and throat cancer, always take care of your teeth and gums and avoid any potential products that can slowly wear down your smile or damage your health. However, oral and throat cancer can arise at any age and in any person, so it is important to always regularly visit our office for an oral and throat cancer screening.

Are you concerned that you may be suffering from oral or throat cancer but have no idea how to spot it? Often times, oral and throat cancer is present due to abnormal visual clues alerting you to its presence. If you feel anything that is not right with your smile, come in to visit our team so that the appropriate assessments can be given. In the case of oral cancer, unexplained bleeding in your mouth, a heightened sense of tooth sensitivity, persistent sores, the presence of lumps or bumps or velvety patches in your mouth are all known symptoms of oral and throat cancer.

For an oral cancer screening from our caring team at our dental offices in Arizona, Arizona, please contact us at [phone]. With the help of our advanced Identafi® cancer screening device, we can help make sure your oral health is on track. At [practice_name] are here to help you achieve the healthy smile you deserve!

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