Dentistry in Motion: Dental Anxiety

Oftentimes, stress can be related to dental anxiety. If you are suffering from dental anxiety, it means you have fears or concerns about visiting with your dentist and receiving oral health care treatments and restorations. If for any reason you are suffering from fears and concerns about going to your dentist, it can often be highly beneficial to speak with your dentist about treatments.

Often times, dental anxiety may be linked to fears and worries associated with any pain that you may feel during tooth restorations and repairs. However, modern dentistry provides numerous forms of sedation to allow you to receive your oral health care. Sedatives can range from mild relaxants up to the ability to put you into a deep sleep.

If your dental anxiety is linked to an increase in stress, stress balls, fidget spinners and other stress-relieving tools and utensils can be used. Also, listening to calming and relaxing music or practicing meditation have been known to help alleviate stress.

With dental anxiety care and the skilled expertise of our team at [practice_name], we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. Our [dr_type]s and team can be reached by calling us at [phone] to schedule an appointment to visit us at our [dr_type] office in Arizona, [state].

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