Do You Know How to Care For Your Health As You Age?

Keeping your smile strong requires you to care for it every single day, which you can effectively accomplish by correcting any negative habits and improving your oral health care routine. Proper dental care can help you keep your smile at its best for a lifetime.

Do you know what to expect from your health as you age? We have provided some information about aging and oral health, and how to care for an aging smile:

– Limit your intake of sugary and risky foods that can cause damage to your teeth easily, such as sweets and hard foods that can crack your teeth.

– Contact us for a dental checkup if you notice any abnormalities developing in your smile.

– Use a shred-resistant dental floss every day or, if you find traditional flossing to be difficult, consider instead using an alternative interdental cleaner such as a waterpik.

– Avoid unhealthy dental habits, whose effects can be even worse for older individuals. These include eating a poor diet, chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking heavily, or heavily using drugs.

– Brush your teeth at least twice every day. You may wish to switch to an electric toothbrush if is you struggle to properly brush due to arthritis or another condition in your bones or muscles.

– If you have dentures, be sure to show them the same proper care that you would for natural teeth and remove them every night for thorough cleaning.

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