Geriatric Dentistry

We are pleased to offer geriatric dentistry, or dentistry for seniors, simply because oral health can be compromised or challenged as we age. At Burns Dentistry, we recommend that our senior patients maintain their dental hygiene habits and visit us for regular checkups. This allows our dentists to remain updated on your oral health status and recommend any additional treatments. During your visits, you will also be notified of changes in your dentition and other aspects of your dental health.

We understand some patients may have developed comorbid conditions (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, mellitus) or physiologic changes that are identified with aging. Each condition is carefully considered during your checkups or other dental visits, and our team will be sure to communicate any changes in your treatment plan with you. Our compassionate and understanding team will provide complementary and friendly care to you.

In addition, we ask that our more mature patients please be aware of the side effects associated with any medication use. Medications can heavily influence what we determine to be the safest and most suitable dental care for your situation. We encourage you to talk to us about any concerns you may have regarding your dentition and age. With both general and geriatric dentistry in Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona, we look forward to treating you in every stage of your life.

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