Oral DNA Testing

Oral DNA Testing


Oral DNA testing is a relatively new diagnostic tool that takes a lot of the subjectivity out of dentistry. Usually when diagnosing or checking a patient, we use our many years’ of experience and dental training to observe and identify issues or potential issues. While we will always do that, we now have an extra diagnostic tool, oral DNA testing.

We can identify specific oral bacteria in your mouth that causes dental infections, and provide early treatment before your teeth require extensive care.  We hope to offer patients a valuable source of information regarding their dental health with oral DNA testing.  

This can help us determine the susceptibility you possess regarding periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other dental issues.  The data produced by oral DNA testing can be easily acquired when you visit Burns Dentistry.  First, our dentists will have you rinse your mouth, swirling the provided solution throughout your mouth for about 30 seconds.  Next, our team will have you spit out your rinse and send the provided sample to a lab for analyzing purposes. The generated report will the identify the quality and quantity of bacteria in your mouth.  Knowing the types of bacteria in your mouth is essential and critical information, as some types of bacteria are more dangerous and destructive than others.

Advanced oral DNA testing allows us to recognize the harmful bacteria presented in your mouth. More importantly, our team can then provide individualized antibiotic or traditional dental treatments.  Our dentists can also improve your oral health further by developing a specific treatment plan. For more information on oral DNA® testing, please contact our office today!

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