IV Sedation

Although intravenous sedation has been referred to as “sleep dentistry,” this can be misleading. This suggests that you are put to sleep. However, with IV sedation, you are still fully conscious, as this is not a form of deep sedation. Deep sedation is more formally classified as general anesthesia, and it is only done in a trained medical facility, such as a hospital. With IV sedation, you are fully able to understand and respond to the requests or questions of our team.

There are two important factors about intravenous sedation we want our patients to know:

  1. IV sedation induces patients into a state of deep relaxation, which creates a feeling of carelessness as to what is going on or being done.
  2. The approved drugs in IV sedation cause full or partial memory loss, also known as amnesia, from the time it is administered to when it wears off. Time will appear to pass very quickly, and patients will not recall what happened very much, if at all. This is why you may seem to have been “asleep” during your procedure.

Our dentists are trained to administer IV sedation in the arm or the back of the hand; to many, this only feels like a small pinch. Our goal at [practice_name] is to ensure our patients feel comfortable and attended to during their time with us. Please call [phone] for more details on IV sedation in Sun City and [city], [state], and our team will gladly answer your questions.