Dental Implants in Arizona

Dental Implants in Arizona Arizona

Burns Dentistry in Arizona, AZ understands that missing teeth can cause as much psychological damage as physical, driving many patients to seek out solutions that not only reestablish lost function but lost aesthetics as well. Dental implants offer a reliable tooth replacement solution patients need with a promise of stability and a natural appearance.  Our team of doctors brings precision and skill to the art of replacing your teeth and recreating your smile.  In order to determine just how your dental implant will interact with your bite, surrounding teeth, and overall health, we apply leading-edge techniques to our process.

Dental implants are the best long-term result because it gives you a stable support for a tooth as opposed to a removable device.  


Dental Implant X Rays Showing Teeth
Dental Implant Placement
Cerec Dental Implant Restoration

Diagnostic Phase

We begin by using the latest imaging technology to conveniently capture detailed, 3D images of your mouth.  We consider your bone density, the location of the nerves in your jawbone and the exact dimensions of your jaw.  Using computer-guided implant placement software a detailed map is created, identifying the ideal location, depth and angle to place your dental implant in order to ensure long-term stability.

Placing your Implants

Each dental implant is comprised of three parts: the post, the crown and the abutment that connects them.  Working with a skilled surgical specialist, each post is surgically placed into your jaw inspiring new bone growth and offering unrivaled tooth replacement stability.

Restoring Your Implants

With experience restoring 1000's of dental implants, our doctors use in-house same-day CEREC technology to design each unique crown.  These restorations are made from durable ceramic to match your smile and individual facial features.  You can leave our office the same-day with an even bite and tooth replacement that looks and feels natural.

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I love Dr. Burns and his staff.  They were amazing! I was so nervous about this procedure, & they definitely went above & beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of! Thank you so much for turning my bad luck into an amazing experience. I highly recommend him to friends & family!  Sean Murphy

Dental Implant Testimonial
Sun City Dental Implant Consultation


For over 20 years Burns Dentistry has been successfully placing dental implants. With every treatment plan, our doctors emphasize how the final outcome affects the aesthetics of the face and smile and how precision placement improves function and health.  In every case, our dental implant process is facially-driven, determined by how the final results will improve facial appearance as a whole.  In this way, each treatment is customized, precise, and offering the most ideal results for each of our unique patients!

Dedicated to creating beautiful & healthy smiles to exceptional standards.

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