Dr. Richard Holley

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Dr. Richard Holley

Meet Dr. Holley

Top Sun City West dentist, Dr. Richard Holley might be a New Jersey native, but Dr. Richard Holley, a friendly, science-loving, father of two teenagers, says Arizona is the best place to live in America. After 25 years practicing dentistry, Dr. Richard Holley’s achievements are notable and vast. He began his career at the University of Colorado’s dental school and later completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at the University of Missouri. At the youngest age on record, Dr. Holley earned a fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry, and he’s even served as President of the Arizona Academy of General Dentistry. When he’s not working, volunteering or woodworking Dr. Holley is typically woodworking, restoring a vehicle, or spending time with his wife and two teenage children.

Today, Sun City dentist, Dr. Holley, trains to grow his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. He also seeks to learn about the newest dental technologies in the industry, such as digital dentistry, which he refers to as “a whole new world.” Eager to share these exciting new dental technologies with the local public, Dr. Holley spent a year hosting his own weekly radio show. He has contributed to numerous articles in local newspapers over the course of his career, and enjoys giving back to the community by donating his time with veterans, free clinics, and dental-related nonprofit organizations, such as Mission of Mercy. As much of as Dr. Holley loves science, his academic interests were not the only reason he pursued dentistry.

Dr. Holley cares about changing peoples’ lives. One of the job activities he enjoys most is comprehensive work with children and seniors. He values giving young people a chance at a better life and working with older individuals who have endured for generations. At home, Dr. Holley employs a natural extension of his work skills to one of his favorite hobbies- woodworking. He’s completed large furniture pieces, an exotic guitar , bows for archery and more.

Fun fact: “Auto restoration is a fun pastime I share with my father in law. I've always loved classic American cars and recently got to finish a Shelby Cobra that I keep as my special occasion vehicle.”- Dr. Holley

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