Zygomatic Implants in Sun City, Sun City West, and Litchfield Park, Arizona

At our office in Sun City Zygomatic Implants are offered as a Cutting Edge Alternative For People Incompatible With Traditional Implants. The two bones that support the two rows of teeth in your mouth are the maxilla (upper) and mandible (lower). In most situations where teeth are missing, a dental implant is required and is fixed into the bone for stability and better long term performance of the implant. But what happens when there are problems with the bones themselves?

Conditions such as osteoporosis (low bone density), bone erosion, trauma, surgery affecting the jawbones, long standing sinusitis complicating upper dental implants or any other number of reasons can make a person unsuitable for traditional dental implants without having a bone graft. For people who don’t want a bone graft and previously thought there was no options available for them, a graftless, innovative procedure has been developed where a zygomatic implant can be placed.

Zygomatic Implants First Consultation

The zygoma is the bone on top of and slightly behind the maxilla that extends to the sides to form the cheekbone. In a zygomatic implant, an upper implant is inserted into the zygoma instead of the maxilla.

First developed in 1978, zygomatic implants are a revolutionary option for people with bone conditions who previously could not be helped. It is not widely offered, however our experienced Sun City West cosmetic dentists at Burns Dentistry strive to provide you with the best zygomatic implants Sun City West has to offer s.

The procedure for your zygomatic implant in Sun City begins with your first consultation, where your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination and get a full medical history from you. The latest technology will then be used to further plan the procedure.

Both dental x-rays as well as other imaging including computerized tomography will be used to quickly capture detailed three dimensional images of your mouth.

Using computer-guided implant placement software, a detailed map is created to visualize the anatomy of your maxilla and zygoma and meticulously plan the ideal location, depth and angle to place your zygomatic implants in order to ensure long-term stability. The number of implants to be used will also be decided during this stage to give the best functional and cosmetic outcome.

What To Expect During The Procedure

You should arrive to the Sun City office for your zygomatic implant procedure in a fasted state, meaning your last intake of food or drink, including water, should be no less than 6 hours earlier.

This is required because general anaesthetic is used for your comfort since inserting zygomatic implants can be more complex than uncomplicated maxillary or mandibular implants. Your dentist will typically choose special titanium implants for their durability and ability to fuse seamlessly with the bone and help treat maxillary resorption as well. Implants designed expressly for zygomatic procedures have the unique ability of being able to attach to soft tissue, so one end will be attached to the maxillary region at a straight angle and another at either 45 degree or 60 degree angle to each zygomatic bone. Zygomatic implants are inserted through the alveolar crest and maxillary sinus, taking care to avoid damaging adjacent structures.

Your skilled Sun City dentist will use the diagnostic images taken during the planning stages to ensure the correct angle and depth are maintained to prevent damage. For people with mild to moderate erosion in the posterior part of the maxilla. One angled zygomatic implant is placed on each side of the maxilla and anywhere from 2-4 dental implants in the front of the mouth at a straight angle.

For people with complete maxillary resorption, there is no option to place a straight implant and so usually two angled zygomatic implants are inserted. Once placing the zygomatic implants, a fixed dental bridge is also implanted. This allows for immediate loading protocol, meaning restoration of maxillary function so there is no delay in ability to move the jaw, chewing and speaking clearly.

Benefits Of Sun City’s Zygomatic Implants

Our Sun City dentists are extensively trained in this procedure and are able to offer this procedure with minimal risk. By taking special precautions in the preplanning stages, we avoid postoperative complications.

  • Shortened Treatment Time
  • Less Invasive Compared to Numerous Bone Grafting Procedures
  • Restoring Speech
  • Therapeutic and Cosmetic Function
  • Reviving Self-Confidence
  • Improved Quality of Life

Postoperative Complications Of Zygomatic Implants

The complications of zygomatic implants are comparable to traditional dental implants, with no significant difference seen in bleeding times, recovery times.

Two specific complications from this procedure are development of sinusitis, and altered sensation in the cheek region. Sinusitis can occur if the implant is improperly placed in the maxillary sinus and irritates the local structures. Altered sensation in the cheek (zygomatic) region can occur if the zygomatic implant rests too close to a branch of the facial nerve. Zygomatic implants are not widely performed because of the level of skill and experience it takes to avoid these complications.

Outcome Of Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are a boon for people with bone erosion who are not candidates for traditional dental implants.

To receive a traditional implant, the maxilla bone should be strong enough to anchor the implant. Getting an extensively damage maxilla to an operable state often takes multiple bone grafting procedures, which take a minimum of 6 months to fully heal before the traditional implant can be attempted. With zygomatic implants, the time to permanent teeth is reduced from 9 months to 3 months. Studies show good long term outcomes of zygomatic implants, with 97% lasting more than 10 years with maintenance and good care.

Routine follow up with your Sun City West dentist will also keep your zygomatic implant in good condition. Sun City’s zygomatic implants are a perfect rehabilitative option for people who have been told they were not a candidate for upper dental implants, at least not without multiple bone grafts. This unique graftless procedure has the benefit of immediate loading protocol, so your smile and jaw function can be restored instantly. If this sounds tailormade for you, call Burns Dentistry today to schedule your consultation.

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