Dr. Lisa Kubik

Dentist in Sun City, Arizona

Dr. Lisa Kubik

Meet Dr. Kubik

Sun City dentist, Dr. Lisa Kubik is one of the newest professionals to our practice, Dr. Lisa Kubik left a successful career in business to become a dentist after her own experience as an adult orthodontics patient. Despite her success in business, work felt empty for her. As her orthodontic treatment progressed, she realized how much it was improving her confidence and that she was smiling far more than she used to. Because her own treatment experience impacted her so much, Dr. Kubik decided she wanted a career that would allow her to improve other people’s lives through beautiful smiles as well.

Enthusiastic about pursuing her new career, Dr. Kubik and her husband moved from Wisconsin, the home of her favorite NFL team (Green Bay Packers), to Arizona where she completed dental school at Midwestern University and received awards for research in dental teeth hypersensitivity. Dr. Kubik also participated in a range of community service projects while in school notably providing dental care at a clinic where she worked directly with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Today, offering patients personalized care and an empathetic ear is of the utmost importance to Dr. Kubik, who was plagued with many cavities as a child and is no stranger to being a nervous dental patient. As a dental provider, her goal is to help patients with dental fears through a gentle and comprehensive approach. Before starting any treatment plan, she works to understand the full picture of each patient's situation and to help educate patients on what their dental options entail.

Dr. Kubik doesn’t worry about feeling empty in her career anymore. She knows she’s making a difference every day. One of her most memorable cases involved a middle-aged man whose drug-damaged teeth seemed to limit his employability and likelihood of maintaining a relationship, regardless of the fact that he was educated and well spoken. After a few short dental visits for cleaning and restorations, his life began to change. He’d gained confidence, met the love of his life, got married, and found a job. More than three years later, Dr. Kubik loves knowing that he continues to maintain his dental health and looks forward to being part of other life-changing transformations.

When she’s not practicing dentistry, Dr. Kubik enjoys watching football, cooking, boating and jet skiing, getting creative with arts and crafts, hiking with Levi (her affectionate Goldendoodle), watching Netflix documentaries, and spending time with her husband and their daughter Olivia.

Fun fact: As a child, Dr. Kubik loved caring for all kinds of animals.
“I had multiple guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, dogs, reptiles and butterflies, Monarch butterflies to be exact. I would find caterpillars and feed them milkweed until they formed a chrysalis then release them once they emerged.”

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