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Emergency Dentistry in Sun City

Roughly 2.8% of emergency room visits for young people are directly cause by urgent dental problems. The issue is that doctors in the emergency department are not specialists with teeth.

They can offer pain relief or other palliative care, but they will most likely refer you to a dentist at the end of your visit. For that reason, knowing when it is time to call your dentist is extremely important. While some dental issues can wait over the weekend, there are certain signs that you are dealing with a potential emergency situation.

If you lose a crown or have a minor chip in a tooth, your dental visit can most likely wait several days. Contacting your dental office during normal office hours is encouraged. However, if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms above, it may be the sign of a more serious dental emergency. Infections, abscesses, severe toothache, or gum disease are treatable, but should be taken seriously.

Contact your dentist in Sun City or Sun City West to prevent emergencies before they get out of control. Remember to schedule regular preventative care with your provider once your doctor has resolved your urgent problem – this will keep you from having future urgent or emergency situations

Signs of Potential Emergency Situation

Extreme dental pain:

Anyone who has dealt with severe dental pain, knows that it is no joke. If dental pain is keeping you awake at night, that is a sure sign that a visit to your local Sun City dental office is necessary. Sudden, intense pain can come from an infection known as irreversible pulpitis. This is an abscess inside of the coronal pulp of the affected tooth. Treatment options include root canal therapy or extraction—the key to saving a tooth in this situation is to call your dentist early and set up an appointment.

Swelling / Inflammation:

Swelling, whether inside of the mouth or around the outside of the face can be very alarming. And with good reason. Painful swelling is a sign of infection and should signal a call to your dentist in Sun City, AZ. The most common causes for emergency dental visits are either from a pulpal or periapical infection. Pupal infections, as described above, are in the root canal itself, while an apical abscess is formed at the tip of the tooth’s root. This is caused by complete necrosis of the pulp. Because this infection forms in the alveolar bone, swelling can be extremely painful. This swelling can extend into fascial spaces in serious cases.

Bleeding or painful gums / bad breath:

Chronic periodontal disease effects patients in many different stages. However, advanced gum disease can be become an emergency in certain situations. Sudden bleeding, constant aching, or loose teeth are signs of an urgent periodontal problem. Extreme bad breath, also, can be a symptom of acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG). This is one of the most severe types of gum disease and can cause systemic infection and fever. Periodontal specialists in Sun City can perform procedures to save mobile teeth and reduce gum infection, however, catching symptoms early is key to success.

Traumatic injury to teeth:

Any type of traumatic injury that results in loose or missing teeth is a clear emergency that warrants a call to your dental provider– even after hours. Broken teeth can have sharp or jagged edges which can cause further injury. It is important to note, however, that if the injury extends beyond knocked out or loose teeth, it may be important to contact a hospital first That said, for a tooth knocked out in an injury, swift intervention from your dental team in Sun City could actually save the natural tooth.

Hot/Cold sensitivity:

Temperature sensitivity is often a symptom of a dental infection. If drinking a cold or hot beverage causes instant or extreme pain, you should call your dentist right away.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth:

If left untreated, 3rd molars (known as ‘wisdom teeth’), can partially emerge and cause a condition known as Pericoronitis. This very painful abscess is usually the result of an opening in the gingiva left by the partly erupted tooth. This opening can becoming traumatized during chewing and trap food and bacteria. Extra-oral swelling, outside of the mouth, can occur. This condition can be treated with surgical extraction by specialists in Sun City, AZ.

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