What to expect with at-home teeth whitening

What to Expect With At-Home Teeth Whitening

Are you planning to whiten your teeth at home? If so, you should consider investing in professional trays, which you can order from a dentist. Many people opt for the teeth whitening strips you can find online or at big-box stores, but because professional trays are custom fitted to your teeth, they help ensure more even results. They’re also better at keeping the whitening gel on the tooth’s surface rather than on the gums. Plus, professional teeth whitening kits contain higher concentrations of the bleaching agent than their retail counterparts, which helps produce a whiter smile in a shorter amount of time.

If this will be your first time whitening your teeth, you might be unsure what the process entails. But have no worries—below, we’ve outlined what you can expect when you use professional trays to whiten your teeth at home.

The At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

Because professional teeth whitening trays need to be custom fitted to your mouth, your first step will be visiting a local dentist. During your appointment, the dentist will take a digital scan or putty impression of your teeth, which they’ll then use to fabricate your teeth whitening trays. They’ll let you know when you can pick up the trays, provide you with detailed instructions for how to use them, and answer any questions you might have.

Be sure to carefully follow any directions provided by your dentist. With that said, before using the teeth whitening trays, you’ll likely need to brush, floss, and thoroughly rinse out your mouth. Then, place a small drop of the teeth whitening gel into each tooth opening in the trays. (Be careful not to use too much, since excess gel could spill over the trays onto your gums.) Next, place the trays over your teeth. Don’t be alarmed if the teeth whitening gel starts to foam—it’s normal for that to happen when it comes into contact with saliva. If you get any gel on your gums, use a cloth to gently wipe it off. Place the cap back onto the gel and store it in the refrigerator or another cool place.

You should avoid drinking, eating, and smoking while wearing the trays and for at least 30 minutes after. Once the recommended amount of time has passed, remove the trays, rinse out your mouth, and use a toothbrush to remove any remaining gel from your teeth. Also make sure that there isn’t any gel still left on the trays. Some individuals experience tooth sensitivity after a teeth whitening session—if that happens to you, you may want to consider using a toothpaste that’s specially designed for sensitive teeth.

Your Top Choice for Professional Teeth Whitening

As was noted above, once you’ve decided to whiten your teeth at home using custom trays, the next step will be finding a dentist to provide you with the necessary supplies. Luckily, you can rely on the skilled team at Burns Dentistry. Our take-home teeth whitening kits can be customized to achieve your desired level of whiteness, and by adjusting the amount of peroxide in the whitening gel, we can minimize any resulting tooth sensitivity. Plus, you can take advantage of our impressive Whitening for Life program, which includes $199 initial trays and kit as well as free teeth whitening gel refills at every hygiene visit.

Contact Burns Dentistry today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our first-rate teeth whitening services. We have offices in Sun City, Sun City West, and Litchfield Park.

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