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Zygomatic Implants in Arizona


Until recently, patients with advanced bone loss could not enjoy the revolution of realistic dental implants or the benefits of a fully restored smile.

However, In the late 1990’s, a breakthrough in implant technology (called zygomatic implants) revolutionized what was possible for highly skilled surgeons. At Burns Dentistry, with locations in Sun City and Sun City West, specialists use this cutting-edge technology to ensure that the dream of beautiful and functional teeth is available to all.


What is a zygomatic dental implant?

Zygomatic dental implants (sometimes zygoma implants) are a specialized type of restorative dental implant.

They are used in certain circumstances when standard implants would be less likely to succeed. The best way to explain is with a quick anatomy lesson: your upper teeth are supported by a bone called the maxilla, while your lower teeth sit in your jawbone, or mandible. The zygoma is the bone that sits above your upper arch (or maxilla) and helps to form your cheekbone. Specialized, angled implants, placed into this bone, can support an implant bridge even for patients with little or no maxillary bone density.


Can you have dental implants with severe bone loss?

If you have been told that you are not a candidate for traditional dental implants, there is still hope for a restored smile in Sun City!

Zygomatic implants are specifically designed for patients who are incompatible with traditional implants. In fact, planning for zygomatic implants could actually save you time in comparison if you consider the other procedures and healing time sometimes associated with regular implants. Sinus augmentation or additional bone grafting procedures mean more healing time. Zygoma implants in Sun City can actually reduce your time to permanent teeth by as much as six months!


How long do zygomatic implants last?

With proper care and regularly scheduled visits to see your implant specialist, zygomatic dental implants can last a lifetime! Long term studies show high rates of success for zygoma implants with only minor complications. In fact, after 12 years, 96% of zygomatic implants are still successful.


Are zygomatic implants safe?

At Burns Dentistry in Sun City, nothing is more important than patient safety. Zygomatic implants may sound a bit scary, but, in reality, they are just a slightly different tool that your surgeon can use to help restore your smile. The most common complication is sinusitis; however, proper pre-surgical diagnosis can greatly reduce or even eliminate this risk completely.

Further, dental x-rays and advanced 3D scanning techniques allow for computer-guided planning for proper implant placement. This is to ensure that the placement of each implant is in the best possible location and at the perfect angle. The skilled surgical team and dentists in Sun City at Burns Dentistry are here to answer any questions about zygomatic implants—just schedule a consultation to learn more today!

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