Redefining Your Smile: A Guide to Dental Inlays & Onlays for Goodyear, AZ, Patients

Envision your smile becoming the key to newfound confidence, thanks to dental inlays and onlays. These restorations mark a significant advancement in dentistry available to our patients in Goodyear, Arizona. At Burns Dentistry, we combine decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology to bolster your smile and your oral health.

What Are Dental Inlays & Onlays?

Dental inlays and onlays bridge the gap between fillings and crowns. If you have tooth decay or damage that’s too extensive for a filling but not severe enough for a crown, we often recommend teeth inlays and onlays. Also known as partial crowns, these custom-made restorations are crafted from porcelain, gold, or composite resin. They blend seamlessly with your teeth, delivering both functional and aesthetic upgrades to your smile.

Dental Inlay vs. Onlay: A Quick Comparison

To decide between a dental inlay and an onlay, we examine the extent of the damage to your tooth. An inlay is used when the damage doesn’t extend to the cusps (or points) of the tooth. On the other hand, an onlay comes into play when the damage involves one or more cusps. Both options are designed to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

How Dental Inlays & Onlays Can Transform Your Smile

Dental inlays and onlays offer many ways to improve your smile, including:

Enhanced Strength

Dental inlays and onlays fortify weakened teeth, restoring their strength and functionality.

Improved Aesthetics

Inlays and onlays can be made to match your tooth color, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution to tooth decay or damage.

Increased Durability

These restorations are crafted to endure, often outlasting traditional fillings.

Experience the Superior Service at Burns Dentistry

Step into any of our state-of-the-art facilities near Goodyear, AZ, and be greeted with the utmost hospitality, akin to the grand welcome of a luxury hotel. Your dedicated treatment coordinator handles all your administrative needs, allowing you to focus on your oral health. Contact us today to see if dental inlays and onlays might be the solution you need.

Read What Our Patients Have to Say

Burns Dentistry aims to constantly innovate our treatments and personalize our care based on the unique needs of every patient. Your comfort is a top priority when you visit our dentist office. Read how our patients enjoy their experience with our professional team.

“Excellent dental care and amazing office staff! So caring, thoughtful and so congenial -makes for a great experience!”

The Kennedy's

“I had the best experience at Burns dentistry. From the moment I walked in the receptionist greeted me by my name to when they called me back for my appointment. This was the first dental office that ever gave me a tour of there office which I thought was pretty neat. Office is really nice and clean. Dr. Holtan was very nice and friendly and loved how he took his time on explaining everything to me. So extremely grateful and highly recommend Burns Dentistry.”

B. Garcia

“I have never been to such a nice dentist office! Everyone is truly kind, gave me a tour, a welcome gift, and they have all the up to date tech. My hygienist, Felicia, was wonderful, knowledgable, and kind. I am truly looking forward to my future appointments.”

A. Babbitt

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