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Our Sun City West cosmetic dentists at Burns Dentistry understand the importance of dentures in reviving both self-confidence and functionality of your smile. In addition to offering both full and partial dentures of both fixed and removable types, at our office in Sun City hybrid dentures are also offered.

Hybrid dentures can be made to replace an entire arch or a small segment of missing teeth as well as missing gum tissue if necessary. These are a hybrid combination of removable dentures and dental implants and are named aptly. These consist of titanium implants fixed into the jawbone which support the acrylic or resin dentures placed over the implant, which is why these are also known as fixed-detachable dentures or overdentures.

Types Of Hybrid Dentures

Two common types of hybrid dentures include clip-on or snap-in dentures and permanent dental bridges. Both procedures begin the same way: anywhere from four or six dental implants will be fixed in strategic positions along the arch to create a solid base. Once the implant is in place, it can either serve as an anchor for a permanent bridge or snapped off for easy cleaning and comfort.

Snap-in dentures are exactly what they sound like- detachable dentures that are anchored by dental implants.

These are suitable for people who like the feeling of physically removing their dentures to clean them. One disadvantage of this is the implants are secured, but the snap-in type of denture may wobble when doing vigorous jaw movements such as chewing food. Also, these require proper care to ensure longevity of the denture. Permanent dental bridges made for hybrid dentures are suitable for people who have some missing teeth but strong adjacent teeth as well as healthy gums and jaw bones.

In this procedure, the bridge is inserted into the space left by the missing teeth and is anchored to the surrounding teeth through the use of two dental crowns. Which are custom made to fit your smile and are placed on the teeth or dental implants next to the space left by the missing tooth.

These crowns hold the artificial tooth in place to restore your smile, ensuring that your restoration will not easily shift or come loose. This has the added benefit of retaining the integrity of your smile and bite as well as keeping the remaining teeth in position. We strive to provide you the best hybrid dentures Sun City West has to offer, so give us a call today!

Hybrid Dentures In Sun City

Why Choose Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid dentures have an added benefit for people in Sun City who suffer from missing gums or even bone.

Even if the alignment of your teeth is flawless, it can still look disproportionate if you have missing gum tissue or bone loss in your jaw. However, hybrid dentures improve the cosmetic appearance of these too! The acrylic base of the dentures is colored appropriately to resemble the missing gum tissue and give a natural appearance to your smile.

Caring For Hybrid Dentures

Depending on the base material your hybrid dentures are made of, your dentures can last to upwards of 10 years with good care. If you choose to receive a snap-on or clip-on denture, you’ll have to care for them just as any other removable dentures.

This involves brushing them with special denture toothpaste twice a day and storing them in a warm water or denture solution overnight or at times when they are not in use. Fixed hybrid dentures in Sun City also require maintenance of good oral hygiene.

This includes avoiding stain-causing foods, daily flossing and of course, brushing at least twice a day. Though the dentures are artificial, they are still exposed to the food and drink you consume and so bacteria and plaque can develop. By keeping a good oral hygiene routine, you can increase the longevity of your hybrid dentures.

Hybrid dentures are a type of dental restorative procedure that is suitable for anyone looking to perfect their smile. There are so many options for fixed dentures or removable types that there is something for everyone. Feel free to consult Sun City’s best dentists for hybrid dentures to discuss the best option for you to restore your smile.

Different Types Of Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures can be made from different materials, with each having their own unique advantages.

Different types of hybrid dentures include acrylic dentures, composite hybrid dentures, zirconia dentures and porcelain fused to metal hybrid dentures, with the two most commonly used types of dentures being acrylic with titanium screws and porcelain fused to metal. Acrylic dentures has the advantage of being affordable and extremely comfortable to wear, since the titanium implant is load bearing and reduces the pressure from biting and chewing food. However, these are prone to wear and tear changes such as chipping and discoloration over time as they are exposed to stain-causing foods.

Though these may require repair more frequently than other types, repairs are easily made. Porcelain fused to metal dentures are preferred for their ability to mimic natural teeth. Though porcelain based dentures can be more expensive than other types, the effects are long lasting and are very difficult to break or chip. Zirconia hybrid dentures are also a good alternative to porcelain fused metal as they are extremely durable, resistant to staining and give a good aesthetic appearance as well. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss the advantages of each material with you to help you select the best hybrid denture Sun City for you.

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