Oral Cancer | Burns Dentistry

Oral Cancer April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s why it’s more important than ever to see your dentist regularly – especially if you haven’t come for a visit in a while. Regular dental visits can help more than just your smile. They’re also an opportunity to check for signs of oral cancer. Our Sun City Dentists can spot many types of 

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Invisalign | Burns Dentistry Sun City & Sun City West

Invisalign in Sun City   Invisalign® Becomes a TikTok Star Get hip to the ortho treatment that is gaining celebrity status In addition to being a surprising vehicle for Gen Z to influence geopolitics by pranking heads of state, TikTok is proving to be a substantial way for companies to influence viewers through paid marketing campaigns – including teeth treatments like Invisalign®. 

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Geriatric Dentistry | Burns Dentistry Sun City & Sun City West

Geriatric Dentistry in Sun City, Arizona   Oral health is very important as we age At Burns Dentistry in Sun City and Sun City West, we are pleased to offer geriatric dentistry, or dentistry for seniors, simply because oral health can be compromised or challenged as we age. We recommend that our senior patients maintain their dental hygiene habits and visit 

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Emergency Dentistry | Burns Dentistry Sun City & Sun City West

Emergency Dentistry in Sun City Roughly 2.8% of emergency room visits for young people are directly cause by urgent dental problems. The issue is that doctors in the emergency department are not specialists with teeth. They can offer pain relief or other palliative care, but they will most likely refer you to a dentist at the end of your visit. For 

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Different Types of Dental Implants | Burns Dentistry Sun City

Different Types of Dental Implants in Sun City   Choices You Can Smile About What you need to know to choose the best type of dental implant for you. Did you hear the joke about what is the world’s longest word? The longest word is ‘Smile’ because there is a ‘Mile’ between the ‘S’ and the ‘E.’ Dental implants should 

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Dental Veneers Sun City | Burns Dentistry Sun City & Sun City West

Dental Veneers Smile Makeover in Arizona   If you are thinking about a smile makeover, dental veneers are often the best choice. Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the front of teeth for an attractive, gleaming smile that looks totally natural. Veneers can close gaps between teeth, hide discolored teeth, help crooked teeth appear straighter, fix chipped or 

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Chronic Bad Breath Treatments Sun City | Burns Dentistry Sun City

Bad Breath: Unmasked in Arizona   Yep. That’s YOU you’re smelling. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has done its best to keep us apart from one another. Virtual work, online shopping, food delivery, and other social distancing measures separate us from close contact to prevent the spread of the virus. But while protection efforts like mask-wearing and social distancing may have 

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4 Things to Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants | Burns Dentistry

4 Things to Know About All-on-4 Dental Implants For those suffering from multiple missing teeth, at Burns Dentistry in Sun City All-on-4 dental implants can be an attractive option. All-on-4® offers patients a brand new smile that looks real, without having to mess with pastes or dentures. This full-arch implant solution uses just four posts, instead of a patchwork of crowns and 

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